LatestChain is a blockchain that implements the innovative Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. This mechanism ensures high transaction throughput, minimal transaction latency, and cost-effectiveness. Through the unique DPoS mechanism, LatestChain enhances user experience and is a promising solution for decentralized applications.

To become a validator, interested parties must first undergo a rigorous qualification process. Any address can stake to a qualifying address to become a validator. Once a validator has accumulated enough staked volume to rank among the top 500, he or she will be identified as an active validator in the next epoch. This approach aims to ensure the highest level of security and integrity throughout the network while providing ample opportunity for participation by interested parties.

The LatestChain platform boasts a robust validator capacity of 500, offering abundant opportunities for validator participation while steadfastly upholding network integrity.

Performance Essentials

  • TPS: 2000+

  • Block interval: 3s

Technical Characteristics

The Latest Chain is an open and decentralized network designed to ensure the network's security and assets' security. It supports the programmability of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and offers compatibility for smart contracts, resulting in reduced development and migration costs. The inclusion of a meta-transaction function enables gas fee reduction, effectively lowering expenses for developers and users on the chain. Additionally, the Latest Chain supports cross-chain asset transfer, enhancing users' overall experience by optimizing asset mobility between different chains.

Meta Transaction Function

Enhanced by our pioneering meta-transaction function, Latest Chain provides users with the ability to significantly reduce gas fees, with Latest Chain covering the payment for the reduced portion. This feature not only minimizes migration costs for DApp developers but also effectively reduces expenses for DApp users. By facilitating step-wise gas fee reduction, the meta-transaction function ensures a cost-effective and seamless experience for all participants in our ecosystem.

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