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Financial Support

  • LatestChain will establish a dedicated fund to invest in and support promising developers, as well as provide incentives for their contributions.

  • Additionally, LatestChain plans to organize developer activities and competitions aimed at identifying and financially backing talented individuals.

  • To enhance user experience and decrease costs associated with using the LatestChain Dapp, the platform will implement a meta-transaction function.

  • This function will gradually reduce the gas fees for users holding LATEST tokens. These measures aim to improve accessibility and affordability for users on the LatestChain platform.

Traffic Support

Latest Chain is committed to fostering the growth of its ecosystem through comprehensive support measures, including:

  1. Offering a traffic entrance for high-quality Dapps on the Latest Chain platform.

  2. Upon demonstrating successful operations on the Latest Chain, exceptional projects can submit grant program applications. Projects that meet the required standards will have the opportunity to be funded by Latest Chain’s grant program.

These initiatives aim to facilitate the expansion of the Latest Chain ecosystem and provide developers and projects with the necessary resources and opportunities for sustained success.

Resource Support

Projects and developers that receive investment and support from Latest Chain will not only have access to official news reports, but they will also have the option to apply for marketing service packages to promote their projects on a global scale.

Furthermore, high-quality projects will have the opportunity to participate in Latest Chain foundation roadshows free of charge.

Latest Chain aims to provide high-potential developers with access to ecological resources, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations between developers and the platform's ecological partners. These measures are designed to enhance the exposure and growth prospects of supported projects within the Latest Chain ecosystem.

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